Friday, December 26, 2008

Sydney Swans Give the CC Drive a Plug

The Sydney Swans have been a fabulous support and gave a a great plug on their website

Note from Ronni Kahn

Ronni Kahn the Founder of Oz Harvest in Australia, rang me to give me some feed back as to where some of our Charity Cupcake Drive cupcakes ended up. Ronni said she took 400 out to Macquarie Fields an outer suburb of Sydney, which has an extremely high unemployment and poverty rate. Oz Harvest distributed them to the local children as part of a little Christmas party they organized. She said that the children were just overwhelmed and loved them, they were a serious treat and guarded protectively, Ronni wanted to say a special thank you to everyone who participated and to let you know how apprecioated the cupcake were!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


A big team came this morning from Oz Harvest to collect our cupcakes, they will be distributing them over the next few days to the following areas: Parramatta, Wollongong and Waterloo where they will be distributed amongst many charities, the Waterloo drop off is to be distributed amongst over 12 charities alone - OZ Harvest were extremely grateful and asked that I pass on a thank you to all of the volunteers!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I think that we were definately saving the best for last, the Afternoon shift whizzed through over 1000 cupcakes in record time with spectacular results.

A big thank you to volunteers: Amy Aitkenhead, Sally Beesley, Karli Bryden, Carol Bryden, Sonja Cogle, Natalie Fourie, Tiffany Harris, Jenny Jurkovic, Kimberley Littleford, Annie Lo, Catherine McLachlan, Lyn Meade, Kylie Meade, Fiona Paterson, Rebecca Pedemont, Sue Pedemont, Linda Perrins, Jomana Racheha, Amanda Rattray, Katherine Singson, Rachel Vassallo, Donna Ward, Kyranie Wegg, Gengis Yaglipinar, Yusra Charouk and Melanie Starr *

I would also like to say a big thank you to the wonderful staff that have supported me today and given up time with their families, unpaid to make the Drive a success. Particularly I would like to thank Anna Maria & Joseph Roche and Jessica Pedemont, who have worked tirelessly through 3500 cupcakes all day, thank you guys so much for not only supporting my hair brained ideas, but for your compassion and excellence at what you do!


A big thank you to our Lunch Shift, a great bunch on people and another 1000 cupcakes, it was a lot of fun working with you all today and the end result is amazing!

A big thank you to the following volunteers: Mervet Awad, Jhoanee Beltran, Lynne Bradley, Deanne Cessario, Rosalie Cessario, Ivy Chung, Kelly Donlan, Sandra Lollback, Courtney Lollback, Erin Lollback, Marianne Lollback, Joanne McManus, Ali Meades, Ali's Mum, Vicky Nehme, Sharon Pardon, Tina Pettaiae, Maria Andallo, Jomana Racheha, Morina Sutedja, Lisa Tu, Jessie Tu, Pat Wildman.

A big thank you to Planet Cake staff and friends: Kim Veverka, Anthony, Bec, Daniel Givney, Melanie Starr, Billy Cutler, Jessica Pedemont, Anna Maria Roche, Joseph Roche, Rick Lester


A huge thank you to our first shift of the cupcake drive for producing just over 1000 cupcakes, a significant contribution to the end tally, and a lovely group of people, I hope to see a lot of them again at next years charity cupcake drive!!

A big thank you to the following volunteers: Eliza Emparo, Victoria Batchelor, Kim Batchelor, Rebecca Behan, Joanne Calcara, Lauren Cassells, Josephine Cassells, Erin Dullard, jenny Fricke, Stephanies Fung, Margot Gothard, Winnie Lai, Lisa Lee, Bianca Masecrow, Sian mason, Linda Mott, Genevieve Nguyen, Jacqueline Owens, Maria Rotziokos, Elizabeth Russon, Lisa Sampson, Andrea Summerell
Thank you to Planet Cake Staff & friends: Linda Harden, Billy Cutler, Joseph Roche, Daniel Givney, Jessica Pedemont, Anna Maria Roche & Rick Lester

Jessica Pedemont Kneading 30 kg of Icing

A big thank you to Jessica Pedemont for kneading over 30kg of icing for the drive - Thank you Jess, you are a legend!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

MX Magazine Promotes CC Drive 19.12.08

Thank you JL Stewart

A big thank you to Nanan & Ron from JL Stewart for donating 4 buckets of Fondx icing for the cupcake drive!