Saturday, December 20, 2008


I think that we were definately saving the best for last, the Afternoon shift whizzed through over 1000 cupcakes in record time with spectacular results.

A big thank you to volunteers: Amy Aitkenhead, Sally Beesley, Karli Bryden, Carol Bryden, Sonja Cogle, Natalie Fourie, Tiffany Harris, Jenny Jurkovic, Kimberley Littleford, Annie Lo, Catherine McLachlan, Lyn Meade, Kylie Meade, Fiona Paterson, Rebecca Pedemont, Sue Pedemont, Linda Perrins, Jomana Racheha, Amanda Rattray, Katherine Singson, Rachel Vassallo, Donna Ward, Kyranie Wegg, Gengis Yaglipinar, Yusra Charouk and Melanie Starr *

I would also like to say a big thank you to the wonderful staff that have supported me today and given up time with their families, unpaid to make the Drive a success. Particularly I would like to thank Anna Maria & Joseph Roche and Jessica Pedemont, who have worked tirelessly through 3500 cupcakes all day, thank you guys so much for not only supporting my hair brained ideas, but for your compassion and excellence at what you do!