Saturday, December 20, 2008


A huge thank you to our first shift of the cupcake drive for producing just over 1000 cupcakes, a significant contribution to the end tally, and a lovely group of people, I hope to see a lot of them again at next years charity cupcake drive!!

A big thank you to the following volunteers: Eliza Emparo, Victoria Batchelor, Kim Batchelor, Rebecca Behan, Joanne Calcara, Lauren Cassells, Josephine Cassells, Erin Dullard, jenny Fricke, Stephanies Fung, Margot Gothard, Winnie Lai, Lisa Lee, Bianca Masecrow, Sian mason, Linda Mott, Genevieve Nguyen, Jacqueline Owens, Maria Rotziokos, Elizabeth Russon, Lisa Sampson, Andrea Summerell
Thank you to Planet Cake Staff & friends: Linda Harden, Billy Cutler, Joseph Roche, Daniel Givney, Jessica Pedemont, Anna Maria Roche & Rick Lester